Agriculture Products

Our Main products

Agrium has a wide range of products which it distributes throughout Kosovo.

PesticidesInsecticides, Rodenticides

SeedsFodder, Lawn, Onionsets

PlantsFruit, Softfruit

IrrigationDrip, Coil

Overview of Products

Agrium imports and supplies retail stores in Kosovo with best agriculture products and newest implemented technologies from the best companies in Europe.

  • Insecticides
  • Herbicides
  • Rodenticides
  • Fungicides
  • Larvicides
  • Biocides
  • Lawn Seeds: Oaza, Bled, Valentin Sport, Valentin Shadow, Opatija, Noblesse, Pika Plus (Semenarna Ljubljana)
  • Fodder Seeds:
  • Alfalfa Seeds: Soça & Krima (Semenarna Ljubljana)
  • Banat (Institut za Krmno Bilje - Krusevac)
  • Fooder Seed Mixture - 8 combinations (Semenarna Ljubljana)
  • Onionsets Varieties: Stuttgarter, Riesen, Red Baron, Sturon, Setton (Holand)
  • Apple - Varieties: Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delicious
  • Pear - Varieties: Abate Fetel, Williams
  • Pulm - Varieties: Stanley, President
  • Sour Cherry – Varieties: Sweetheart
  • Walnut - Varieties: Chandler, Franquette, Fernette
  • Hazelnut - Varieties: Istarski dugi, Istarski okrugli, Tonda Gentile Romana, Cosfort
  • Raspberry - Varieties: Polka, Meeker, Wilamette
  • Strawberry - Varieties: Clery, Senga Sengana, Joly, Alba, Albion, Amy, Arosa, Murano, San Andreas
  • Blueberry - Varieties: Duke, Draper, Eliott
  • All the plants possess Phytosanitary Certificate and Origin Certificate from European Union!
  • Round Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes
  • Coil Pipe
  • Drip Attachments
  • Sprinkling Attachments
  • Substrate for Sowing
  • Substrate for Flowers
  • Substrate for Balcony Flowers
  • Substrate for Vegetables
  • Substrate for Rhododendrons
  • Universal Substrate

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Our company is committed in a progressively and professional business, we aim always for the best!

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