Some of our Work!

  • U.S.A State Department Visit
    Visit of Agriculture State Department of U.S.A
  • Municipality of Ferizaj
    Cooperation with Municipality of Ferizaj
  • Cooling Storage
    Capacity of 600t/year
  • Semenarna Ljubljana visits AGRIUM
    Conference with Semenarna Ljubljana
  • Sorting Space
    Agrium Fruits
  • Supplying Walnut Trees
    Chandler, Franquette
  • Cooling Space
  • Mazzoni Group visit AGRIUM
    Conference with Mazzoni
  • Strawberry Plants - Mazzoni Group
    Sengana Sengana
  • Supplying with Raspberry Plant
    Coperation with USAID
  • IQF Raspberry Sorting
    Agrium Fruits
  • Walnut Tree
    Chandler, Franquette