Some of our Projects

Supplying farmers with Walnut Tree

As a contractor of the Municipality of Ferizaj, we have been distributing the saplings of walnut tree and irrigation systems for 30 farmers. As seen from the pictures, the planting material has been very qualitative, and the benefiting farmers have been satisfied. The saplings came from Turkey with Phytosanitary certificate and Origin certificate. We will be looking forward to support our farmers with other projects that will help in growing and developing the agriculture in Kosovo and specially in Municipality of Ferizaj. “Our Inputs, Your Success!”

Supporting 63 farmers with 80,000 raspberries plants.

In cooperation with “Islamic Relief Kosova” we have been supplying with raspberries plants 63 farmers with a summary of 80,000 plants. Plants where imported from Poland, highly qualitative and VIRUS FREE. Beneficiaries where those families / farmers in need. We highly respect and support the initiative of “Islamic Relief Kosova” for supporting the farmers in need, as we grow and develop further more agriculture field and specially fruits growth. “Our Inputs, Your Success!”

Order just arrived, 350.000 of strawberries plants, category A+ and A

Just arrived the order with 350,000 strawberry plants, category A+ and A from Poland. The varaities are: Senga Sengana, Alba, Albion. The next order will arrive in May. The plants are highly qualitative and well grown roots as they can be seen in the following pictures. Plants have Phytosanitary and Origin certificate. As we have provided our domestic farmers with best quality plants, our mission is to grow together as we touch the European market with our products. “Our Inputs, Your Success!”

MAZZONI GROUP visits our company

We are exclusive distributor of one of the biggest European Company in seedlings production, Mazzoni Group. Mazzoni Group has a major impact in our strawberries plants vision. As we supply our farmers with the best seedlings, we give them support and knowledge on how to plant them and take care of them. We invited professional employees of Mazzoni Group to give instruction to our farmers about their plants, seasons of planting etc. Our farmers where satisfied with the conference as they learned how to professionalize more in strawberry business. “Our Inputs, Your Success!”